1st Annual Short Film Competition Winners Announced

The Gainesville Latino Film Festival, 2017 is pleased to announce the winners of the first annual “Short Film Competition”


  • Best, in Open Category goes to TAILOR, directed by Cali Dos Anjos – BRAZIL

  • Best, in Student Category goes to BIRDS OF A FEATHER, directed by Nacho Rodriguez) – COSTA RICA

  • With the most votes for best short, the Audience Award goes to PALANTE,  directed by Wesley Rodriguez – CUBA

The awards were announced at the Short Film Awards event on The Wooly on Monday, September 18.

We thank our sponsor of the event, the English Department, University of Florida. The Gainesville Latino Film Festival thanks the Latina Women’s League, for its generous support of the 1st Annual Short Film Competition.

Audience Award

Nacho Rodríguez0


Directered by Cali Dos Anjos
Country: Brazil
Runtime: 9.47min
Rating: No yet been rated

Sypnosis: TAILOR is a transgender cartoonist that shares in his web page other trans people’s experiences and their challenges in society.

Open Category Winner

Wesley Rodriguez0

Director Statement

Writing this shortfilm was a tonic for my mind and spirit. I hope some of that translated into the picture,  and you have a good time watching it.

Birds of a Feather/Coyotes de la Misma Loma

Directed by Nacho Rodríguez
Country: Costa Rica
Runtime: 8:47 min
Rating: No yet been rated

Synopsis: When Manuel realizes he forgot his sex tape at his in-laws bedroom, he begins a race against time to get it back before it’s all too late.


Nacho Rodríguez is a Costa Rican-based filmmaker and documentarist. He studies Audiovisual Production at the University of Costa Rica since 2013.

Some of his concerns as a filmmaker are his country’s struggle to grant everyone the basic human rights. For instance, he co-directed the award-winning documentary I Was Born There, which was selected in the 38 Havana International Film Festival and tells the story of an indigenous girl from Boruca, Costa Rica.

He also was the director of photography for Pray For Us (post-production), a LGBTQ/heist Costa Rican short film about religion and sexual orientation.

Besides his concerns and commitment to his country’s social challenges, Nacho sometimes steps back and has fun with the camera, as he does in his comedy ‘Birds of a Feather’.

Open Category Winner

Wesley Rodriguez0


Directed by Wesley Rodriguez
Country: Cuba
Runtime: 7.25 min
Rating: Not yet been rated

Synopsis: After winning “El Bombo,” the Cuban-US immigration lottery, Estrella and her grandfather, an impoverished Cuban family, prepare for a journey of a lifetime. One step at a time.

Director Statement

I’m Wesley Rodriguez, but you can call me Wes! I’m a Cuban-American filmmaker. I’m also an avid photographer with a background in photojournalism. When I’m not making movies, I live for world travel, craft beer and the occasional salsa dance. Oh, and ‘Donnie Darko’ is my favorite movie of all time.


Wesley “Wes” Rodriguez is a Los Angeles-based freelance cinematographer, director and filmmaker of Cuban and Guatemalan descent. He received his Masters of Fine Arts in Film and Television Production degree from the University of Southern California (USC) in May 2016, where he was awarded the prestigious Directors  Guild of America ‘John Frankenheimer Fellowship.’ He began his journey into the world of production at the University of Florida (UF), where he received his  Bachelors degree in Telecommunication Production in 2012.

Soon after, he worked for UF as a photographer, video producer and editor for their Media Services Division. During his time at University of Florida, he  experimented and created media of all kinds. He wrote and directed short films including “Cycle,” a dramatic psychological story of one man’s struggle to derive meaning to nostalgic events in a laundromat. Apart from creating short films, Wes also experimented with interactive media as he was the Director and Cinematographer of the video game production, “Domesticus”.

More recently, Wes has spent his time at USC learning the techniques of cinematography and has traveled internationally to shoot documentaries in Thailand and Japan. He has directed four short films and has photographed over 20 films during his time in the USC program, one being a feature-film. At USC, he has worked as a cinematography student assistant for Christopher Chomyn, A.S.C, and Tristan Whitman, both of whom have inspired him to pursue his ultimate goal of becoming a DP/Director.

He also shoots and edits both English and Spanish YouTube content at Defy Media in Beverly Hills. Aside from his extensive career in film production, Wesley is an Eagle Scout and is dedicated to nature and wildlife conservation. He also loves to camp and hike. Overall, Wes is a motivated and hardworking cinematographer who has an immense passion for travel, photography and good craft beer.