Paul1Paul L. Doughty is Distinguished Service Professor, emeritus, of Anthropology and Latin American Studies, and twice chair of the UF Anthropology Department, in 1972-8 and 1992-3. He taught at Indiana University prior to coming to Florida.

Paul received his B.A. (1952) from Ursinus College where he had the good fortune to meet and marry his classmate Polly French. With Polly, they subsequently worked on rural development projects in Mexico and El Salvador for over two years. Afterwards, Paul began graduate work finishing his PhD at Cornell in 1963 based on research in Perú.

He and Polly lived for 18 months in the Andean town of Huaylas. Over time they lived in Perú about 9 years involved with many research and development projects, including earthquake recovery, land reform, urban migration, evaluating US Peace Corps work and US food assistance programs. He also worked on other projects in Guatemala, El Salvador and Costa Rica. In Nicaragua he twice served as an election observer (1984, 1990) and helped organize the Gainesville Matagalpa Sister City Program. In 2013 he was in Lima meeting with Peruvian Anthropology colleagues and attending a conference.

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