Gilberto1Gilberto A. Rodríguez (Screenwriter) has a B.A. in Drama and Modern Languages from the University of Puerto Rico. He started writing in 1994 while working as a production assistant at Telemundo’s soap opera division.

In 1995, he studied screenwriting at UCLA. Besides Huey, Louie, Dewey and Three Girls in Pink, he has written the features Twenty-two and, short films A Night in Hollywood and The Prodigal Son. Alhambra High (series pilot), the sitcom pilots B.C. & I. Advertising and Two by Four and the TV movies Desamores and The Two Faces of Janus both adaptations of a detective novel series.

In 2010 La fuga, a romantic comedy about a young girl getting cold feet on the eve of her wedding, premiered on Puerto Rican TV to high ratings and excellent reviews. He is currently working on another romantic comedy titled Cara y Cruz. He also on and off researches his sorta back-burner screenplay, The Prince of Grão-Pará.

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