TaniaTania Hermida, born in Cuenca, Ecuador, is a filmmaker graduated at the International Film and Television School of San Antonio de los Baños (Escuela Internacional de Cine y Televisión de San Antonio de Los Baños, EICTV), Cuba. She has been screenwriter and director of the short films Ajubel (Cuba, 1989); El puente roto (Cuenca, 1991); and Alo (Quito, 1999). She has worked as assistant director of the feature films Prueba de vida (2000); María llena de gracia ( 2004) and Crónicas ( 2004).
In addition to study in Cuba, she took a literature course and a postgraduate qualification in cultural studies, both in Spain. She also has a master degree in cultural studies and work as senior professor at the San Francisco University of Quito since 1996.
The filmmaker lives in Quito and has expressed his wishes to establish herself in Guayaquil. She lived in place like Honduras and New York, so that she would be considered citizen of the world. Nevertheless she cannot not imagine to work in a project that would not be related to Ecuador, without that means that she has to make social denunciation films as is the general tendency in Latin America.
Qué tan lejos (2006) marked her debut as filmmaker and got the Second Coral Prize in the Havana film festival and the Silver Zenith award at the section dedicated to First Works of the Festival des Films du Monde of Montreal

En Nombre de la Hija