Wakolda / The German Doctor

Thursday, Sept. 15 @ 7:00 PM
Thomas Center

The German Doctor Poster

Eva (Natalia Oreiro) and Enzo (Diego Peretti) are preparing to open a cozy lakeside hotel in a remote Patagonia town when the family first encounters the charismatic doctor (a chilling performance by Àlex Brendemühl) along a long desert road. With mother Eva pregnant with twins, and her diminutive 12-year-old daughter (captivating newcomer Florencia Bado) mercilessly teased about her stunted size, the family represents more than a passing interest for the nefarious doctor. Unaware of the danger, they accept him into their home, until a local archivist and photographer (Elena Roger) suspects the town of German immigrants is harboring one of the world’s most infamous war criminals.

ARGENTINA, 2013 (90 mins)
German and Spanish with English subtitles
Director: Luica Puenzo
Cast: Àlex Brendemühl, Florencia Bado, Diego Peretti, Natalia Oreiro, Alan Daicz, Elena Roger, Guillermo Pfening, Ana Pauls, Juan I. Martínez, Nicolas Marsella, Carlos Kaspar, Maria V. Barret, Abril Braunstein, Benito E. Crespo, Sebástian Cáneva
Film introduction and Q&A by Dr. Norman J.W.Goda