En Nombre de la Hija / In the Name of the Girl | Ecuador

Born in Cuenca, Ecuador. Tania studied Film Direction at the San Antonio de los Baños International Film and TV School (Cuba), where she directed her first short films.

She attended courses on Film Aesthetics (Valladolid, Spain), Creative Writing (Madrid, Spain) and obtained an MA in Cultural Studies at the Universidad del Azuay with a dissertation on “The diverse notions of time in fiction film narration”. She was a part time teacher at the San Francisco de Quito University from 1996 to 2007.

Her first feature film as writer director, Qué tan Lejos (How much further, 2006), was an audience success and won several international awards, including the Silver Zenith for First Films at the Montreal World film Festival, the Coral Award for First Films at the Havana Film Festival and Audience Awards in Sao Paulo, Rio de Janeiro, Austin and Geneva among other cities.

Her second feature film as writer director, En el Nombre de la Hija (In the Name of the girl, 2011) obtained the Alice Nela Citá Award during its world premiere at the Rome Film Festival, it was presented at the Ecran Junior Film Festival at Cannes and won, among others, the Youth and Audience Award at Punta del Este Film Festival.

Tania is now working on the script of her third feature film.