Salsa Tel Aviv

Saturday, Oct. 5 @ 2:00pm
Harn Museum of Art / Chandler Auditorium

Israel, 2011 (100 min)
Spanish & Hebrew w/ English subtitles
Director: Jorge (Johanan) Weller
Introduction by: Gilberto E. de Paz
Sponsored by: UF Center for Jewish Studies

When Vicky and Yoni meet on a plane from Mexico to Tel Aviv, Vicky is dressed as a nun trying to find her estranged salsa-dancing husband. Yoni, a university professor, considers the situation a bit strange and he can’t figure it all out. Still, he helps Vicky get through customs, and the two seem to part ways. But not quite, somehow, Vicky and Yoni keep running into each other. What could that mean? A charming, funny film with a fresh take on the real issue of foreign workers in Israel.