Rosana Resende

Rosana Resende is a cultural anthropologist and Latinamericanist. As a lecturer at the University of Florida Center for Latin American Studies and an affiliate of Anthropology and Women’s Studies, her courses focus on race, class, and gender as sites of inequality in contemporary urban Latin America. Other teaching and research interests’ center on immigration, Latin@s in the U.S., and Brazil. In research, she is interested in how globalization and neoliberalism create differentiated impacts on the lived experiences of Latin Americans. Specifically, her work addresses how race, gender, and social class intersect with rising urbanization, shifting labor dynamics, and increased tourism to engender continuously renegotiated social relations in Latin America. Thanks to a Fulbright Postdoctoral fellowship, in 2014 Dr. Resende was able spend six months in her childhood home of Brazil conducting field research on the shifting relations between domestic workers and their employers. In addition to teaching, Dr. Resende also serves as the Undergraduate Coordinator for Latin American Studies and as Associate Director for the Florida-Brazil Linkage Institute, as well as serving as the faculty advisor to different student organizations. She is passionate about working closely with students, particularly first-generation and those from underrepresented groups and it are this involvement which led her to work with other Latinx professionals at UF to resurrect the Hispanic/Latinx Faculty and Staff Association. She shares a home with her Mexican husband, their Gainesville-native son, and their three-legged dog who hails from Santo Domingo.