¿Quién Paga La Cuenta? / Who Pays The Bill?

Monday, Sept. 19 @ 7:00 PM
The Wooly

Quien paga la cuenta poster

A box office success in Honduras, Who Pays the Bill? explores the ambitions and dreams of three friends who have their own peculiar ideas of how to succeed in life. They are willing to do anything to make those dreams come true, regardless of the outcome. This hilarious and delightful comedy pokes fun at a consumerist society and the price the working class plays to be a part of it.

HONDURAS, PUERTO RICO, 2013 (110 min)
Spanish with English subtitles
Director: Benjamin Lopez
Cast: Sandra Ochoa, Luisa Justiniano, Enrique Rodríguez, Jorge Flores, Maritza Perdomo, Izacas Oscar, Nelyi Larice
Film introduction and Q&A by Dr. Tace Hendrick