Pueblos Hermanos / Brothers Town

Saturday, Oct. 8 @ 2:00pm
Harn Museum of Art – Chandler Auditorium

USA, 2000 (58 min)
Bilingual; NR
Director: Charles D. Thompson Jr. And Michael Davey
Introduction by: Tim Steigenga
Sponsored by: Rural Women’s Health Project & Latina Women’s League

Brother Towns is a story of two towns linked by immigration, family, and work: Jacaltenango, a highland Maya town in Guatemala; and Jupiter, a coastal resort town where many Jacaltecos have settled in Florida. Brother Towns chronicles a story of how and why people migrate across borders, how people make and remake their communities when they travel thousands of miles from home, and how people maintain families despite their travel. Because we are all immigrants, this is a universal human story, and a quintessential American one. All of us understand family.