Paraíso / Paradise

Thursday, Sept. 8 @ 6:30 PM
Harn Museum – Chandler Auditorium

Daniela Rincon in Paraiso

Daniela Rincón in Paraíso

In this charming Mexican love story, a young couple moves to the big city for his job and discovers a blatant bias against them because of the their weight. When he begrudgingly follows her lead in losing weight, then exceeds her success, comedy and pathos ensue as their relationship unravels.

This film poignantly explores the issues of self-esteem, physical appearances, and the nature of love.

MEXICO, 2013 (105 min)
Spanish with English subtitles
Director: Mariana Chenillo
Cast: Daniela Rincón, Andres Alameida, Camila Selser, Beatriz Moreno
Film introduction and Q&A by actress Daniela Rincón