Ovarian Psycos

Sunday, Sept. 24 @ 3:00pm
Smathers Library ( East) Room:100

USA, 2016 (72 min)
English & Spanish
Director: Joanna Sokolowski, Kate Trumbull-La Valle
Film Introduction and follow up Q&A with Dr. Rosana Resende and Dr. Cecila E. Suarez

Meet the Ovarian Psycos, a grassroots group of Chicanas who join together to ride their bicycles through the streets of Eastside Los Angeles, riding to reclaim their neighborhoods and heal themselves while also making the streets safer for women. Founded by single mother/poet MC Xela de la X, the Psycos impart their own brand of feminism through this act of DIY activism. Be sure to join us for a bike ride to the screening of the documentary film. For more details, visit mkefilm.org/events.

Ovarian Psycos poster