NN: Sin Identidad / NN (Non nomine)

Saturday, Sept. 30 @ 2:00pm

Matheson History Museum

Spanish with English Subtitles • Viewer discretion advised; not recommended for minors
Director: Héctor Gálvez
Cast: Paul Vega, Antonieta Pari, Isabel Gaona, Lucho Cáceres, Gonzalo Molina, Manuel Gold, Amiel Cayo, Fiorella Díaz, Andrea Pacheco
Film Introduction and follow up Q&A with Dr. Richard Kernaghan

Peru’s official entry to the Best Foreign Language Category at this year’s Oscars® offers an empathetic look at the tragic aftermath of the state-sponsored disappearances of thousands of left-wing sympathizers in the 1980s and 90s. Fidel is the leader of a forensic team whose job is to identify the corpses found buried on the countryside. One particular set of remains catches their attention: a body carrying the small photograph of a woman. A widow comes forth and claims the remains as those of her husband even though the evidence seems to indicate otherwise.