Migas de Pan / Breadrumbs

Wednesday, Sept. 20 @ 7:00pm
The Historic Thomas Center

URUGUAY/SPAIN, 2016 (109 min)
Spanish with English Subtitles
Director: Maname Rodriguez
Cast: Patxi Bisquert, Justina Bustos, Ignacio Cawen, Ernesto Chao, Stefanía Crocce, Andrea Davidovics, Ulises Di Roma
Film Introduction and follow up Q&A with Dr. Martha Kohen

Starring Cecilia Roth, Migas de pan is a story about grappling with the past. Liliana (Roth) is preparing a suit alongside many other women who, between 1973 and 1985, were kidnapped and tortured for their dissident political views. Shuttling between the horrific ordeal she endured as a young woman fighting the regime in Uruguay and the hard choices she’s forced to make in the present as she seeks justice, Manane Rodriguez’s chilling flick sheds light on the resilience of women like Liliana and the burden they carry long after the country’s military rule was toppled.