Las Analfabetas / Illiterate |Chile Cody

Dr. Coady is an Associate Professor of ESOL (English Speakers of Other Languages) and Bilingual Education. Her research areas include second language and literacy development for English Language Learners (ELLs); and teacher education (preservice and professional development) for English learners. Dr. Coady’s research consists of: 1) a model of literacy engagement for ELL, immigrant Spanish-speaking families under a Ford Foundation grant (; and (2) mainstream, elementary teacher preparation for ELLs under a US Department of Education grant-funded study (2007-14), investigating the relationship between teacher preparation and achievement outcomes of English Language Learners (Project DELTA, Both of these projects involve the development of products to facilitate family-school-community partnerships (e.g., fotonovelas) and teacher education (video-production and guides).