Liberty in a Soup

September 26 @ 7:00pm

The Historic Thomas Center

Haiti 2015 (66 min)
Documentary | English | Rating: No Rating
Director: Dudley Alexis
Film Introduction: Alexandra Cenatus

Each year, on the First of January, Haitian families celebrate the independence of their country by having “SOUP JOUMOU”. Deeply rooted in Haitian culture, this culinary tradition recalls the victory of the Haitian Revolution, where Haitian ancestors fought against slavery. Savoring this dish is a moment of great conviviality among Haitians. It marks the emergence of a new society that recognizes the freedom and equality of all individuals. The main ingredient in the soup is pumpkin. It symbolizes the struggle for the emancipation of slaves and the victory against enslavement and oppression. This journey will reveal the origin of the “SOUP JOUMOU’ and its connection with the Haitian Revolution and Haiti’s Independence Day.