La Vaca / Holy Cow

Saturday, Sept. 24 @ 7:00 PM
Thomas Center

La Vaca poster

When famous American archeologist Albert Frederick Thomas Jackson dies in his beloved small town in Guatemala, a whole series of misadventures is triggered by the rather peculiar items outlined in his will, an important part of which involves a cow named Tracy. These eccentricities are matched only by the arrival of the two wives—and, seemingly, two heirs to the fortune—of “Mr. Thomas” (an American named Betty Hooter and a Guatemalan named Soledad) in the town of San Pedro El Bajo. Add in a couple of shady lawyers and a mischievous taxi driver and you have an offbeat comedy about the differences between urban and rural Guatemala, and the even more complex comedic possibilities of the disparity between what is written and what is real. A delight.

GUATEMALA, 2011 (97 min)
Spanish with English subtitles
Director: Mendel Samayoa
Cast: Claudia Bollat, Jorge Sanz and Monica Walter
Film introduction and Q&A by Dr. Antonio Sajid López