La Larga Noche de Francisco Sanctis/The Long Night of Francisco Sanctis

Tuesday, Sept. 26 @ 7:00pm
E-Theater, Santa Fe College

Wednesday, Sept. 27 @ 7:00pm
UF MCDA, “La Salita”, J. Wayne Reitz Union, 2nd Level

ARGENTINA, 2016 (78 min)
Spanish with English Subtitles
Directors: Andrea Testa and Francisco Marquez
Cast: Diego Velázquez, Laura Paredes, Valeria Lois, Marcelo Subiotto, Rafael Federman, Romina Pinto

Buenos Aires, 1977. During the military dictatorship, Francisco Sanctis receives information about two people sentenced to “disappear.” A quiet middle-aged family man without any political ties, Francisco is stunned by the urgency of his situation. That night he must make a crucial decision: whether or not to risk his own life to save others.