La Distancia Más Larga / The Longest Distance

Thursday, Sept. 20 @ 7:00pm

The Historic Thomas Center

VENEZUELA, SPAIN 2014 (113 min)
Drama | Spanish w/English Subtitles | Rating: NR
Directors: Claudia Pinto Emperador
Film Introduction: Genevieve Curtis

Two sides of the same country: a chaotic and violent city contrasting against a natural paradise where the oldest mountains on the planet can be found. Two main characters that find each other at a crucial moment. Two fearless journeys, one that begins as a childlike adventure and ends up on the other side of the country and a one-way journey, free and determined. The same destiny will inevitably bond a woman with her grandson. Without knowing it they are part of an unbreakable family circle that deeply unites them. Second opportunities will arise while individual freedom of choice will become imposing. Everything comes together to tell us: there is only one destiny, the one you choose for yourself.