La Delgada Línea Amarilla / The Thin Yellow Line

Saturday, Sept. 23 @ 7:00pm
Fine Arts Hall, Santa Fe College

MEXICO, 2015 (95 min)
Spanish with English Subtitles • Rating: 18 +
Director: Celso Garcia
Cast: Damián Alcázar, Joaquín Cosio, Silverio Palacios, Gustavo Sánchez Parra, Américo Hollander, Fernando Becerril, Tara Parra, Sara Juárez, Enoc Leaño, Fermín Martínez
Film Introduction and follow up Q&A with Dr. Emily Hind Dr. Rebecca Janzen and Film Director Celso Garcia.

The Thin Yellow Line is the journey of five men who are hired to paint the median line of a road that connects two villages in Mexico. On board of an old truck, they do the job: more than 200 kilometers that they have to complete in less than fifteen days under a burning sun. Five solitary men that will acknowledge that there is a thin line between right and wrong; between laughter and crying; between life and death. The challenges they face will change their lives forever. The Thin Yellow Line is a story of smooth roads and bumpy rides, with unexpected twists and turns… like life itself.