Hands of God

Saturday, September 17 @ 2:00pm
Harn Museum of Art – Chandler Auditorium

Peru, 2004
Spanish with subtitles; NR
Director & Producer: Delia Ackerman

Julio “Chocolate” Algendones Farfán was a percussionist, one of the most important interpreter of Afro-Peruvian Folk Music, and a worldwide jazz musician. Considered the master of the Peruvian cajón, he was internationally reknown.

Afro-Peruvian music has its roots in Africa. However, the Africans who arrived in Latin America did so at different periods of time and are from diverse ethnic groups. They created a new identity together with the locals, which reflected a cultural mixture that gave birth to a new esthetic heritage. Peru had one of the largest black populations on the America continent. This created a cultural exchange such as mestizaje, in both the country and the city.

Chocolate’s music is a magnificent example of the combination of forms that can exist between the traditional and the contemporary, like jazz. His work represents the richness of this mixture. He was an exceptional musician, who delivered his art for more than half a century.
This documentary of Chocolate will allow us to witness this important chapter of Peruvian live cultural heritage. Through his gift of music, masters such as Chocolate hold the wisdom of our peoples. Wisdom is to be expressed with the right words; for Chocolate this means the right sound.