El Regalo

Saturday, Oct. 1 @ 2:00pm
Harn Museum of Art – Chandler Auditorium

Chile, 2008 (108 min)
Spanish with subtitles: NR but warning, mild nudity and adult content and language
Director: Cristián Galaz And Andrea Ugalde
Introduction by: Roberto Weiss
Sponsored by: The Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Department of Cultural Affairs, Chile

Spanish with English subtitlesIn this bittersweet comedy-drama from Chile, Francisco (Nelson Villagra) is a college professor who after years of teaching physics has been forced to take retirement. He reaches a low point in his life and begins to contemplate suicide. His friends decide that he needs to travel. Being depressed about the recent death of his wife, having no other family left, and having been forced to to give up on his passion that was teaching, he decides to shoot himself. His two friends show up at his house precisely at the moment he is about to take his own life, to celebrate his birthday. They secretly book a senior vacation getaway and invite Francisco’s former teenage crush. Things don’t work out like his two friends expect. Francisco still wants to end his life, because nothing seems to help him regain his sense of purpose in life. While at the hotel Francisco meets many friendly elderly people, but he is so caught up in his own self-pity that he is indifferent to their good intentions and admiration for him. He soon becomes a celebrity of sorts among the seniors at the hotel due to his seemingly lack of fear when practicing dangerous activities, though this is due to his desire to end his life.