Cuentos: Bilingual Storytime Series

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The Colorful Froggy-fly / La Raniposita de Colores

The Colorful Frog Fly

Saturday, Aug. 27 @ 11:00 AM

The frog alone in his pond and resting under the sun, did not realize that the butterfly, confusing his skin with a rock, laid her eggs on it, and one of the them hatched and out came the “Raniposa,” a new species!

The Jungle is Thirsty / La Selva Tiene Sed

Jungle is Thirsty

Saturday, Sept. 24 @ 11:00 AM

This was a jungle that was feeling sad. It was beginning to lack water. All the inhabitants of the area got together, discussed the situation and came up with a solution. Let’s see what they did.

The Coyote and the Lamb / El Coyote y la Oveja

Coyote and the Lamb

Tuesday, Oct. 29 @ 9:30 AM

On a farm at the foot of a mountain, there once lived a little lamb. Coyote was obviously interested in eating the little lamb. The latter, however, began to imagine ways to trick the wolf so that it wouldn’t eat her. And so she did! Come join us and learn how she did it.

The Legend of the Wedding of the Xdzunuúm / La Boda de la Xdzunúum

Legend of the Wedding

Saturday, Nov. 26 @ 11:00 AM

Standing on the branch of a tree, a hummingbird called Xdzunuúm in the Maya language, was crying upon looking at her small unfinished nest. The little bird wanted to finish it as she was preparing to get married. However, she was having problems coming up with everything she needed for that. Come and learn how the problem was solved.