CINExperimental: Short Films

Monday, Sept. 12 @ 7:00 PM
The Wooly

Screenshot from Anima

Anima / Spirit

Portrait of the EPIPHYLLUM OXYPETALUM cactus flower. The bud grows for 30 days, blooms at night, and dies the next morning. Documentary registration and perceived flow of time.

Director: Clara Frias
ARGENTINA, 2015 (6’36”), Spanish with English subtitles

Camal / Slaughterhouse

Camal / Slaughterhouse

A poetic and penetrating view of Quito’s old slaughterhouse and the routine of butchering. The Latin Slang des betes.

Director: Miguel Alvear
ECUADOR, 2011 (12’21”), B&W, Spanish with English subtitles

Amor Fugitivo poster

Amor Fugitivo

Una mesa, lámparas, cristales, telas, distintos objetos rebelándose en habitaciones y paisajes, huyendo o yendo al encuentro de algo.

Director: Ana Clara Soler
ARGENTINA, 2012 (4’08”)

La Mar Brava poster

La Mar Brava

La Mar Brava is a glimpse into the lives of beach residents in the port city of Callao in Peru. Ana, a women living in the beach’s shore community called La Mar Brava, leads us through as she endures personal and distant tragedies.

Director: Bryan Rodriguez
PERU, 2011 (19’32”)



The machinery installation is a visual orchestration of machines, people, interfaces, devices, and gears, cross-linked by dynamics of motion and relationships of cause and effect. A multi-channel choreography that renders an assembly line in which men and machines cohabit in constant tension with each other.

Director: Luis “Lucho” Soldevilla
PERU, 2012 (3’53”)

Poster of Pequeño poema em prata

Pequeño Poema em Prata

In perfect circles the sea-gulls fly
Any disturb, nor the rain, nor the cold
As for me, I suffer of all the desires
Each poison kills me somewhere
I wash my face, trying to see in the foam
Of how many deaths I got rid

Director: Cristiana Miranda
BRAZIL, 2006 (3’49”)