Cinco Dias Sin Nora / Nora’s Will

Thursday, Sept. 8 @ 7:00pm
Harn Museum of Art – Chandler Auditorium

Mexico, 2018
Spanish with subtitles; rated TV-14 for adult content, mild violence and adult language
Director: Mariana Chenillo
Guest and Introduction: Veronica LangerUF Center for Jewish Studies, UF Center for Latin American Studies

Before dying, Nora devises a plan to make José, her ex-husband, take care of her funeral during the height of Passover celebration. But despite her meticulousness she misses something—the only flaw in the plan, a mysterious photograph left under the bed, which leads to unexpected outcomes that remind us that sometimes the greatest love stories are hidden in the smallest places. A heart warming story of love, doubt, faith, and the importance of family.