Carga Sellada / Sealed Cargo

Friday, Sept. 22 @ 7:00pm
Matheson History Museum

Spanish with English Subtitles
Director: Julia Vargas Weise
Cast: Gustavo Sánchez Parra, Luis Bredow, Fernando Arze, Daniela Lema, Marcelo Nina, Prakriti Maduro, Gonzalo Cubero, Agar Delos, Hugo Francisquini, Jorge Hidalgo
Film Introduction and follow up Q&A with Dr. Pedro A. Sanchez

Somewhere in the Andes, half buried containers of toxic waste are found and the residents of a nearby town demand that the government get rid of them. The only available means of transportation is a steam train driven by an old anarchist. Mariscal, an ambitious police captain, is put in charge of transporting this waste to the border. As the train makes its way, they are attacked by enraged townspeople and deceived in ways that will change not only their lives but also their countries.