Alba / Alba

Wednesday, Sept. 26 @ 7:00pm

The Historic Thomas Center

ECUADOR, MEXICO 2016 (98 min)
Fiction, Drama, Family | Spanish w/English Subtitles | Rating: MA15+ (Mature Accompanied)
Director: Ana Cristina Barragán
Film Introduction: Dr. Zully Rivera- Ramos

Alba is eleven years old and terribly shy. She has great difficulty standing up for herself among the precocious girls in her class, who talk like little adults about relationships but keep making fun of Alba with the cruelty of children. The fact that she gets nosebleeds at inconvenient moments doesn’t help. To make matters worse, when her ailing mother is hospitalized she is dumped with her eccentric father Igor, who she never knew and of whom she is very ashamed. Very slowly and cautiously, the father and daughter get to know each other.