Since 2005, the Gainesville Latino Film Festival has featured hundreds of groundbreaking, highly acclaimed and thought-provoking films from Latin America. In 2018, our mission continues: to afford Gainesville the unique opportunity to see world-class cinema, innovative shorts, international award winners, and foster diverse experiences that link people through the art of cinema- launching Gainesville as a cultural destination. This year’s amazing line-up includes films from Brazil, Peru, Argentina, Uruguay, Chile, Bolivia, Mexico, US, and Guatemala. Join us for Gainesville’s most thrilling movie event of the year!

To all of our sponsors, partners, supporters, volunteers and friends, past, present and future –we thank you for your continued support, excitement, and most importantly, your passion for films!

2018 Committee

Victoria Condor-Williams Director
Juanita Duque Co-Management Assistant
Lauren Samuels Co-Management Assistant
Maria  A. Valdivia Event Management Assistant
Susana Arce Event Management Assistant
Amelia Dempere LWL Treasurer
Rosabel Ruiz LWL Treasurer / Sponsorship Coordinator
Ellie D. Grosteffon Venue and Events Coordinator

Logistic Coordinator

Ines Aviles-Spadoni Webpage Coordinator
Natalia Arteaga Espinoza Social Media
Juanita Duque Graphic Designer Coordinator
James E. Evans Short Film Coordinator
Ericka Ghersi Advertising & Media Coordinator
Hector Moreno Ruiz Advertising & Media Coordinator
Biviana Flores E-Newsletter Coordinator
Victoria Bird Outreach Coordinator

Board of Directors

President: Victoria Condor-Williams
Vice President: Juanita Duque
Secretary: Ines Aviles – Spadoni
Parliamentarian: Lillian Guevara-Castro
Treasurer: Amelia Dempere & Rosabel Ruiz