The 3rd annual GLFF Short Film Competition

The Short Film Competition is a celebration of Latin American-themed stories and of the filmmakers who tell them. The competition aims to showcase both established and emerging filmmakers whose films touch on Latin American culture and identity in entertaining, powerful, and informative ways. The theme of the 2019 GLFF is “A Taste of Latin America: Sabor, Art and Food,” and therefore preference will be give to films that center around culinary traditions, the environment and the people that grow our foods.

All selected films will be screened at the Historic Thomas Center and Gardens in Gainesville in September. The GLFF Short film competition is part of the 15th Annual Gainesville Latino Film Festival, a two week long series of of free film screenings, musical performances, public lectures, and panel discussions throughout the month of September. The Gainesville Latino Film Festival (GLFF) is one of city’s largest and most culturally diverse public events. The GLFF is hosted and organized by the Latina Women’s League.


Isla Sirena (Mermaid Island)

Directed by Leonel González

Country: Venezuela

Logline: Vivi, a young inhabitant of a fishing village, takes a trip by road and sea with her friend Vale, to get to an island where, according to the stories of her dead mother, the mermaids live.

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La Última Frontera (The End of the Way)

Directed by Axel Nuñez

Country: México

Synopsis: In September 2016 more than 30 thousand displaced Hatians arrived to The State of Baja California Mexico via Brazil hoping to cross the border to the USA in search for a better life.

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Directed by Catherine Valle

Country: Ecuador

Synopsis: Flin, a silky shark, takes Timmy out to teach him to swim and hunt. While exploring the ocean, they find a fish and Flin shows his son how to chase it. When Timmy tries to surround another fish, unexpectedly his father disappears.
Logline: A loving silky shark wants to show the wonders of the ocean to his baby shark.

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Todo Bien (Everything is Ok)

Directed by Willy Suárez

Country: Spain

Synopsis: Ada has to go home alone after partying.

Princesa (Princess)

Directed by Melanie Rosete

Country: I was born in the United States, my family is from Mexico.

Logline: Luis, a Mexican immigrant, tries to make his daughter’s quinceañera special, even with limited financial funds and his inner difficulties in watching her grow up.


Directed by Javier Robles

Country: Spain

Synopsis: Manuel lives far from his family, immersed in a routine from which he can’t escape.


Directed by Tamara Cruz

Country: Mexico

Synopsis: Moyoi, a child from the jungle, founds herself sitting inside a small temazcal. Surrounded by heat and darkness, she realizes that she’s prey to her own fears and tries desperately to find a way out. Her demons are getting closer and the path is much longer and tangled than she expected.

Do Turtles Swim in Maple Syrup?

Directed by Paul Daniel Torres

Country: Canada

Synopsis: Robbed of his future by a racist thug, Latin-Canadian teen Tony Tenorio must go on a heroes journey of self discovery though Toronto. Where he’ll become the man he’s meant to be, or succumb to racial stereotypes.


Cachito Mío

Directed by Elizabeth Marlo

Country: Mexico

Logline: Vicky has the winning ticket of the National Lottery, however, it doesn’t belong to her. She will have to deal between taking it or returning it to its real owner, her boss.

Tú Último Día en la Tierra (Your Last Day on Earth)

Directed by Marc Martínez Jordán

Country: Spain

Logline: A Fox-dressed man breaks the space time limits with only one goal: to spend some time with his wife. But below this recreational act there’s a far more complex and ambitious plan.

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A Low Budget Film / Um Filme de Baixo Orçamento

Directed by Paulo Leierer

Country: Brazil

Logline: A mixture of corporate film, archive footage, documentary and making of, the film is an attempt of the scientists from the “Brazilian Institute of Alternative and Secondary Importance Research” to fight the lack of funding, the closure of the institute and to keep their dreams alive.

Ni De Aqui, Ni De Alla (Neither Here nor There)

Directed by Carlos Valdivia

Country: USA

Logline: Jose’s financial aid runs out a week before a prestigious interview that puts his future in jeopardy.

Infinito Enquanto Dure (Infinite While it lasts)

Directed by Akira Kamiki

Country: Brazil

Logline: After falling in love at a party, Danny and Seiji just want to be together. However, their differences might prove stronger than their feelings. The first fiction film about asexuality.

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Good Mothers

Directed by Wendy Mateo


Logline: Two sisters, Altagracia & Amada, create an altar for their recently deceased mother to celebrate her birthday and are granted 24 hours with her. Throughout the course of this day, they realize that Mami always had their back and that even in death… some things never change.

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